Best Bites & Buys
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New Mover
Over 34,000
Per Month
Up to 100 (+/-)
Per Month
Twenty-First Century WAVE!

What is your competition doing?

With business, competition is nothing more than
two business parties competing for the same
customer or market.

Our mission:

Administer effective, result oriented
Media & Internet COMMUNICATION.

What's in it for you (business owner)?

Consumer oriented communication that gives (you)
local businesses the opportunity to communicate
with local consumers in an effective way, that
convinces the consumer to do business with you
instead of your competition.

Best Bites & Buys (SINCE: 1994)
A community publication owned and operating
locally with over a quarter century experience,
disseminated in several formats
[two(2) print
versions & internet]

Print version One(1):

- Black/White - Full color
- Dissemination: zip codes
Southwest Portland,
   Oregon USA (over 34,000 households available).

Print version Two(2):

New Movers  
- Brochure - Full Color/Glossy
- Dissemination:
direct mail - Up to 100 new
   movers per zip code.

Internet version:

Business Directory  
- Directory listing with several listing options

Best Bites & Buys is one of the more influential
publications available within Southwest Portland,
Oregon. It has been a key factor in helping
businesses grow, like Papa Murphy's becoming
pizza chain of the year (in 2000) for the first time
in franchise history.

Advertising your business...
It's not easy, It's not cheap & It's not optional!

Don't let the competition decide for you...
The Choice Is Yours!

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Telephone: (503) 598-3468 PST

There is no competition...but for the second place. --Dryden.

Best Bites & Buys
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