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Don't fuel terrorism by buying Saudi-tainted gas!

Are you unwittingly fueling terrorism? You are if you buy your gasoline from companies that import Saudi Arabian and Middle Eastern oil.

It matters where you buy your gasoline, because it's a proven fact: Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, is active at every level of terrorism -- from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader. But we don't need blood-stained oil, not at the price of funding future terrorist acts. 

You can help strike a blow in America's ongoing war on terrorism. Your weapon? Your dollars! Stop subsidizing murdering misfits by not buying terrorist-tainted gasoline.

With victory in the war on terrorism our nation's goal, it's important to know which U.S.-based gasoline companies are not helping the other side. Every time you fill up the car, avoid fueling terrorism by refusing to buy from companies that import Saudi and Middle Eastern oil.

Instead, get your untainted gas from Citgo, Sunoco, Conoco, Phillips, Sinclair, Hess or ARCO, BP.

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Saudi Tainted Gas Is Building...

It's A House - Not A Hotel

Car is made of SILVER (100%)

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