by Louise Gherasim
An epic family saga, full of marvelous and figurative landscapes
and rich characterization.

by Louise Gherasim
A novel based on the love letters between Michael Collins and
Kitty Kieman. 

by Louise Gherasim
Set in tenth century Ireland begins the story of Mealkorka,
a princess of the royal house of Muircheartach. At 15 years of age
she is torn from her family and native land by Viking warriors
and offered for sale in the open slave market. A dramatic
adventure, true to the facts of the Icelandic Laxdaela Saga.

by Louise Gherasim
A story of romance and suspense set in the Hawaiian Islands in
the 1970’s.


by Louise Gherasim
A love story set in the time of Romania’s revolt against
communism in 1989; it tells of a daring young Romanian girl and
her heroic American sailor boyfriend.

by Louise Gherasim
The story of Michael Collins as a young boy.

by Louise Gherasim
Story of a ten year old boy who escapes with his mother.

by Louise Gherasim
An exceptionally well written children’s absorbing and
convincing read, even for adults.

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