The story begins in Ireland during the famine years 1846-47.

This poignant novel tells of Finola O’Donnell’s struggle to survive during those incredible years after the death of her mother and other family members. She eventually leaves Ireland and finds work in New Orleans where she becomes romantically involved with the son of a wealthy Irish immigrant. Her lowly station as the family housemaid forced the couple to elope. They sail around The Cape to San Francisco and again tragedy strikes. It is a story of passion, drama and loves biter-sweet and tragic.
Ireland in the reign of King Henry Vlll comes alive with patriotic fury as a young woman lives out her destiny in MAGHEEN, a historical and romantic novel.

As a young girl from the O’Neil clan, Magheen is orphaned and sent across the country to live with her uncle, Tom O’Connor. She learns early about the dreaded Sasanach, the English invaders, who plunder and pillage their way through Ireland, raping and killing in their path. As she matures, the fiery and strong willed Magheen helps unite the clans to drive the English from their shores forever.
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